That is my new favorite sentence. It was something I picked up in an old Picnicface video by the name of ‘Super Bingo’ and it changed my life.

Unleashing one’s inner power whilst proclaiming that you’re free now works in almost any situation. Chopping wood? Throw away that axe and show that log who’s boss. Cutting steel? Same deal. It’s about controlling your environment and yourself while leaving the best impression possible. Also good for cutting grass.

Stuck in a boring business meeting? Rip off your shirt and let the power flow. The floor will be yours to do whatever you wish. What about being stuck at a red light? Take a little bit of time to power up and the light will totally turn green! Already not wearing a shirt? Then rip out your hair, it’s even more impressive. None on your head? Search around, you’ll find some somewhere I’m sure. Even if it’s on someone else.

Once I was at Pizza Hut having a pizza inside what was clearly not a hut, and I was bored because my pizza wasn’t ready six minutes ago. So I let loose with my battle cry and a shock wave escaped from my body that turned everything it touched into garlic bread and shitty donairs up to and including the staff that worked there along with the lighting. But not the floor because that would be weird. It was so impressive that the Pizza Hut immediately became a Pizza Delight. In fact, time distorted and hundreds of Pizza Huts retroactively became Pizza Delights as well.

And people have been getting the two confused ever since.


  1. Haha this one made me LOL in a library. ” Already not wearing a shirt? Then rip out your hair, it’s even more impressive. ” Something about the whole “poorly drawn bee’s” thing…it explains everything you might encounter in the blogs, it seems just like, the perfect title. I wish I had thought of this! I have ideas similar and equally outlandish on the regs.
    Great job Tyler!
    p.s I think you’re bee’s could be even more poorly drawn. Try using crayons and highlighter then scan the pic and add cool but lame facebook effects.

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