I am my least loyal subject.

My fingers press against the keys,
My mind is filled with the thought of fleas,
I can’t stop shaking in the knees,
What the hell is going on? Jeez.

I feel something on the inside,
I’m afraid I cannot let it slide.
I’m starting to fear for my hide,
My fingernails are leaving to go glide.

It’s happening now, I’m on the brink.
I reach for something to drink.
I try to sit still and have a think,
But my reasoning has begun to sink.

I fling my body through a wall,
Without caring about it at all.
I thought I’d be scared but I’m having a ball,
Then I wound up outside and started to fall.

I speed toward the ground,
No hope could be found.
To my destiny I am bound,
As well as the sidewalk I’m about to pound.

My heart is running a race,
With my mind which is keeping pace.
I’m about to lose my beautiful face,
As it will get smashed all over the place.

Then I awake in a puddle of drool,
Well, not so much a puddle as it was a pool.
I may have felt like a complete fool,
But I slept through work which was pretty cool.

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