The cursed hobo dollar (Completely legit story time.).

So I’m walking around one night with a friend of mine about a couple years back. Let’s call him DJ SVEN because he be spinning like mad.

We’re walking around downtown Halifax waiting for this thing to start, right? I borrow a dollar off him because I wanted to play the Virtua Fighter 2 machine. Eventually we skipped that on account of the fact that a dollar in that game last for like six seconds. Maybe eight if you play defensively.

Anyway we’re walking down the sidewalk and I remember that I still have his dollar. So I take it out to give it back to him and just as I have it in my hand this homeless guy goes up to me and says “Spare change?”. Purely one hundred percent by reflex I put the dollar back in my pocket and say “No thanks.”.

We walked down the street for another ten-ish seconds before I realized what happened. I turned to DJ SVEN who had a shocked look on his face and asked if I just did what I thought I did. After some discussion we decided the dollar was now cursed and I was going to be stabbed at night sometime in the near future.

Later that night we go to this con that was happening in the city. There was a dance and that night I finally caught the eye of my girlfriend after a year of trying. I guess sometimes karma just works y’know?

And now, one of her drawings:


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