Thinking about death in an illogical manner.

Although it’s a waste of time due to the lack of sensory functions after death, it’s hard not to image what death would be like.

I often try to think of flying forward in an infinite space for an infinite amount of time. But in doing so I try to imagine moving infinitely faster to cover more ground to try to get to the end of the infinite space. In doing so for some reason my view of myself always ‘zooms out’ further and further away as if that somehow helps me any. My reasoning for this train of thought is that it’s influenced by the statement ‘moving forward in time’ and this is an attempt to see how the rest of time will play out in my non-existent mind.

Will there be a point where my brain will be alive while the rest of my body is functionally dead, even if only for a second? What will that feel like? Would I make a futile attempt to move my limbs? In doing so would they feel impossibly heavy or would there be a different mental response?

Waking up in a casket is a huge fear of mine. Reasonably so I feel. One time I woke up with my limbs all restrained due to a medical procedure I just had and I panicked so hard I threw up all over the place.

So yeah. Regarding the spiritual-religious people out there you have your beliefs about death. But for the non-believers . . . Do you still spend time thinking about how death will feel without actually believing what you think?

5 responses to “Thinking about death in an illogical manner.

  1. It is very odd to think about. When I was little, I used to be afraid that death was only your body being paralyzed and your mind was alive when you were buried. Now I think that life is too awesome to pay any mind to death 🙂

  2. I’m too young to think about death to any great extent but from the little of it that I’ve seen, it’s really not a fun proposition. Presuming that we’re talking of natural causes here, it looks like it could be pretty painful, or if not, at least downright discomfortable. Stiffening muscles, loss of bladder control, etc.

    Ugh. No thanks. Do not go gentle into that good night.

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