An extremely huge bowl of pot.‏

While I sitting at home staring at the living room wall waiting for life to happen the other night I heard the doorbell ring. Cool, that actually works sometimes!

Opening the door I was greeted by a bowl that was five feet wide and four feet deep. There’s no way this thing managed to ring the buzzer. I looked both ways and saw someone running away to my right while giggling. People really seem to enjoy running away from me whilst giggling. Have I had a piece of corn on my face my entire life or something? At any rate that person was too far for me to catch up. Mainly due to my large amounts of lazy.

I just checked again and I don’t think there’s any corn on my face.

Peering inside of the bowl I saw it. The biggest stainless steel cooking pot I had ever seen in my life. I approved of it if for no other reason than for how shiny it was. After remodelling my apartment building, dragging it in and restoring the building to normal all in the span of sixteen seconds with the help of sixteen sweet sixteens from suite sixteen I finally had it in my living room.

So now I have a huge bowl with a slightly less huge pot inside my apartment. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

No, seriously. I have nothing. Any ideas?

(Editor’s Note: I cannot take credit for the following, everyone involved is in the video’s description on the YouTube page.)

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