The following is a list of things I have honestly done while extremely tired.

– Spent an entire day contemplating how awesome the words “Tuna fish” are.

– Strongly considered peeing in the litter box belonging to a friend’s cat.

– Apologized to a fire hydrant after bumping into it.

– Wrote a story about being felt up by a large, orange tree in my bathroom.

– Slept through most of my Travel and Tourism course, but not in the way that would’ve made me a legend.

– Said the word “Horses” like 17 million times one day.

– Tried to start writing a book roughly 20 or so times now. I have yet to make it past 500 words.

– I honestly don’t remember the ending to so many video games since I’ve beaten them in a state of partial awareness.

– I slept through the last 15 minutes of ‘No Country for Old Men’! I have yet to see what happens. Please don’t spoil it for me. I really must get around to seeing it again at some point.

– I honestly tried to pick up someone once by going on a ramble that included my desire to throw small children off a bus. Although in my defense it was a noisy bar and I could have swore she said something along those lines, and not what she actually said which was more along the lines of doing a trust exercise with children that involves throwing them into pits of foam while volunteering to help out troubled children because she loves them so much.


– This bee was contributed by Ana from Halifax. I think at this point it’s safe to say you’ll all notice when I run out of contributed bees and go back to drawing my own ha ha. Thanks Ana!

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