I should take up spreading false information on Facebook as a hobby.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of false information being passed around Facebook as fact. Mostly stuff from satirical news sources and the like from people who don’t notice the articles are written to be a joke. It makes me wonder what I could get away with in terms of making up something and trying to convince half the world that it’s fact.

It’ll have to be something eye-catching and based on something that people will care enough about to relate to it while at the same time not caring enough to actually research it. I don’t know enough tweens for anything resembling the following to work, so that’s out:

Parody news can be fun and is easier to spread, but I almost feel that it’s overdone thanks to all the sites out there that are basically a knockoff of The Onion. Just in case you’re out of the loop, Bill Nye didn’t go on a curse-laden rampage, nor was he blamed for a hurricane, nor is he debating Todd Akin. Samsung didn’t pay Apple in nickles either. Fake animal facts are pretty easy as well, but making claims such has live dogs/cats being used as shark bait being a widespread practice is pretty cruel in itself (There was a case where several fishermen were prosecuted with such a thing, the dogs involved were already dead.).

That leaves me with fake science. As long as it’s not potentially harmful it can be pretty fun. I think I’ll go with that. Hell, I may even post it on this site and link people to that post as it appears directly above this one ha ha. Or maybe I’ll buffer at least once post in between first. Hmmm.


Adam from The Last Gamestore submitted this and suggested it may be a poorly crafted bee. I dunno. I just accept these things, upload them and move on with life ha ha. At any rate thanks Adam!

3 responses to “I should take up spreading false information on Facebook as a hobby.

  1. Uh, yeah. That is definitely one poorly crafted bee, Bees!

    And in a TOTALLY unrelated matter…

    Did you hear about the Canadian Olympic Bingo Team drug scandal? They’ve been accused of using banned performance enhancing substances? They risk being stripped of their medals? It’s an international disgrace, Bees. They’re the laughingstock of the Olympic bingo community.

    If you’ve ever had the misfortune of finding yourself trapped in a rural Canadian bingo parlour you’re painfully aware they are dedicated to their sport and dead serious competitors. Dead. They leave nothing to chance… NOTHING!


    Apparently official Olympic labwork has found traces of psilocybin. Bingo Team Canada’s press release states they were most certainly not trying to enhance their performance with banned psilocybin. They swear it was for purely recreational purposes. I, for one, believe them. They’re all from British Columbia, hey?

    According to the team’s website they only employ voodoo and targeted training to enhance their performance. That’s it. Voodoo is permitted according to official Olympic rules. Targeted training, too. Who knew?

    Bingo! 😉 lol

    Hope you had a great day! 💋

  2. But, Bees, Voodoo IS permitted! 😋 lol


    You think it’s a bit of a stretch?

    *shrug* lol

    I’ve been rather on the go lately.

    Hope you had a great day! 💋

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