If I removed my own brain that’d be rather thoughtless of me now wouldn’t it?

All this talk about uploading one’s consciousnesses to a computer/robot has me thinking about the consequences of such an action.

If the sum of all our thoughts and experiences were put into a machine it would likely be one that could not feel any sort of physical feeling, right? Or at least one that could not feel pain? But if our memories were stored as well then how would that affect memories of things that involved pain? Would they still be perceived in the same way or would the lack of ability to feel such pain affect our ability to recall those memories? I figure memories wouldn’t degrade in such a scenario since there’s a digital backup of them instead of relying on our organic brains that are subject to various forms of decay.

When it comes to forming new memories would the new method of being able to interact with things physically in turn alter our memories that involved similar activities in the past? I suppose an easy way to answer this question would be to ask somebody who has experienced a physical disability later in their life. I’m not sure how I would go about that though.

Speaking of uploading one’s thoughts I was reminded at work yesterday that Twitter is a thing. I should take another look at that site and see what that’s all about.


A friend of mine sent me this without context. I can only assume it’s a trashed prop or something? Thanks all the same Ian!

6 responses to “If I removed my own brain that’d be rather thoughtless of me now wouldn’t it?

  1. Uh, yeah. Thanks all the same, Ian!

    Yo! Bees! I’ve been busy and have had technical difficulties (which are a bit better today?) and I am in the throes of Halloween. I’m not particularly big on busy, either.

    Oh, well.

    I ❤ you! 💋

    • Holy bazillion notifications ha ha! ❤

      I've been busy right up until today, and now I have too little if that's possible. 😛

      How's the recovering going?

      • It is going okay. Can’t spend as much Time online, but, hey, real people can be nice, too. 😉 lol

        Actually had a crazy day full of many laughs. I really ❤ laughing, Bees. Oodles.

        Finding it difficult to stay on top of all my fave blogs and fave pinners, too. I should put something on my blog about my busy-ness and stuff?

        Hope you had a great day! 💋

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