I have something that I need a lot of help with quickly.

I don’t want to wash the dishes. I do want a pet. Which pet would be the best for me to get if I want to teach it how to do the dishes?


The last in the trilogy of pictures that Danny sent me, it may not be a bee but this recreation of one of the greatest scenes in movie history is still relevant. Thanks again!

2 responses to “I have something that I need a lot of help with quickly.

  1. The question is, do the dishes have to be germ-less? If no, I think both a dog or a giraffe would be a strong bet. The dog loves to lick dishes clean. The giraffe’s tongue is a freak of nature and would have them clean in a pinch.
    If you are wanting a more sterile approach, I think I’d go with some sort of primate. Preferably an adorable one that wears a cute hat or diaper.

    • Cramming a giraffe into my apartment seems like a lot of work and dog hair isn’t a great seasoning ha ha.

      I could train a monkey to wear my cheap creepy horse mask which would be amazing.

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