I assure you this blog is still going strong!

I just got hit by writer’s block. This is rather odd, for there are many people who would claim that I not a writer by any meaning of the word. Then again those same people also compare me to a monkey with a typewriter. I know they’re wrong because I’m clearly using a computer and I haven’t thrown my poop at anybody in years (Months?).

Noting that the block was larger than a doorframe and not being able to recall anything regarding writer’s block destroying someone’s home I simply went back inside.

Whelp, I’m glad I got that over with.

Still lacking an idea for a story I drank two doses of Neo-Citran and nodded off. That stuff can give you some pretty messed up dreams. Unfortunately that night I just dreamt about a lot of split pea soup. Geysers and oceans of split pea soup. Interesting and all, but where could I run with that idea?

The next morning I sat down at my computer with hot chocolate in hand. That’s when it hit me. Writer’s block is a thing that exists entirely in my own head. Whatever I ran into outside yesterday couldn’t have been writer’s block. It was probably another building or something to that effect.

After taking a drill to my skull and letting the obstructive thoughts out, I’m glad to say that it worked and I’m working on some stories as of this writing. It is my hope that this explanation will satisfy your curiosity as to the slower rate of updates as of late.

Until then, love yourself and the world will follow suit. ❀

Oh shit, it’s a picture of me sponsoring myself at a Tekken tournament!

9 responses to “I assure you this blog is still going strong!

  1. I have had serious input writers block for weeks..my posts are getting more banal everytime I post something..no profound posts, just Blah ! I started the blog so promising I am sure now I bore people to death! lol..love your posts. Ceri x

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’m determined not to be just another blog that dies in a few months ha ha. Sometimes trying to be profound is just the problem, y’know?

      Ease up and write whatever you wanna write, your blog is your personal space to do whatever! ❀

      • You have made me think! And yes your right, it is my personal space…..I worry i will look a bit silly if I write all the things in my mind..the things and feelings there, but your right it is personal ace. Until you said that to me, I was worrying about boring people, but I now know its my personal journal and people dont have to read or like it. Thanks sweet you made me relook at the situation . Thank you. πŸ™‚ as for you I think your a great blogger, so glad I found your blog it makes me smile. Hugs Ceri x

  2. I’m reblogging this baby, Bees!

    I thought I might die when I started my blog. Felt a certain sense of urgency? Looks like I’m not going anywhere just yet? I know. I know. There are those who wish I’d just drop dead already and to them I say, “Hey, me, too?” *shrug* πŸ˜‹ lol

    Skiddley wa wa wa, Daddio!πŸ’‹

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