And then I will meet you in the field of battle.

I will have to apologize. This could get messy.

I don’t understand however why you felt the need to challenge me like this? I just wanted to get to know you a little better and you stated that for the first date we have to fight to the death?

I’m bored with this story already. Let’s look up things on Google Images.

A horse kicking/stomping a cake . . .

Nope, but I did find the creature that will haunt my daydreams for minutes to come.

Let’s try ‘assaulted by jellybeans’ next.

Oh hey, a search term in which I come up first in both standard and image search. I am the Search Engine Optimization King!

So I was rooting through the YouTube account of my favourite singer one day and came across this. This totally has nothing to do with anything else she’s ever done and I love it:

While we’re on the perils of bees:

So right now I have this temporary assignment in a windowless office in the bottom of a business mall. For the most part it doesn’t bother me, but I do miss the entertainment of motor vehicle accidents right outside my office.

When some people write whatever is on their mind without any flow or editing it’s called a stream of consciousness style of writing. But when I do it people call it word vomit, and this just makes me sick.

With that said I gotta make like a tree and stand perfectly still for like a hundred years. Until next time! ❤

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