Okay, sometimes you just have to be real. A list of things I actually cannot do:

– Suplex at least half of the things that I’ve stated that I can suplex in the past.

– Write good hair metal. Is that even what it’s called? Y’know, with the headbanging and the hair and stuff?

– Break the law because that would be illegal.

– Touch this.

– Visualize somebody as a turkey regardless of how hungry I am.

– Pretend that I’m interested in your cat stores.

– Pretend that I’m not interested in playing with your adorable cat.

– Dress myself apparently.

– Write on here for the next couple of weeks because I’ll be moving and practicing for my charity gaming marathon like everyone and their dog is doing these days.

As a friend of mine always said, I love you all wherever you are in the world tonight. ❤

Talk to y’all soon!


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