Here’s a quick post that doesn’t start with the word ‘okay’.

I’m thinking of taking up speedrunning so here’s a rough draft of what my videos will be like. I’m thinking of starting off with a small game before deciding on something more substantial. Any advice is appreciated (I already know I talk too fast ha ha.).

8 responses to “Here’s a quick post that doesn’t start with the word ‘okay’.

    • The activity as a whole has been growing the past couple years after a group of people started hosting larger and larger fundraisers bi-annually. They’re up to raising seven figures per event now, it’s exciting!

  1. I think I used to do that with Super Mario World (on SNES), but am not sure of the concept. The music in this video was distracting because it’s unusual game music, and I was trying to identify it so I didn’t listen to the speaker ^^; — midi Lovefool (Cardigans) and Take my Breath Away (theme from Top Gun, by Berlin)? (Guess what I am now listening to!)

    PS. Sort of related. I had a dream that I was playing this video game and at the end I was rewarded with a huge picture of a poorly drawn bee. I could NOT make this up. In the dream I was trying to take a screen capture of it. I can see it so clearly.

    • The speaker was me! I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed that I only know like two songs from that game’s entire soundtrack ha ha (Don’t Speak by No Doubt and that song by the Spice Girls.).

      Speedrunning at its core is simply beating a game as fast as you can. If one goes for a world record in a game it generally involves a lot of study and glitches to break the game to go faster, but for most people it’s playing a favourite game and going to the right as fast as possible. I still do the latter with various Sonic games quite frequently (As recently as half an hour ago!).

      I feel like there’s gotta be some flash game or something that ends with such a picture. Now to go mad trying to find out if that’s actually a thing or if I’m falling prey to false memory syndrome.

      • Oh, dear!! I ignored you then, I am so sorry! I’ll listen to it again and listen to what you said rather than your music choices. I was just surprised (and impressed? excited? to hear those songs!) Somehow I didn’t realize you hadn’t just found a random video and added it, rather than doing your own! Something about my reading skills perhaps.

        I’m sorry! OTL

        Actually it was a really cool game, pretty well developed, 3D, and there was this transporting from world to world kind of aspect, and the last level was the end of the world and when you beat it you got this bee picture. I don’t think it exists, don’t worry!

        • Those music choices weren’t mine. I’m too hipster for that sort of thing, it was all the game. 😛 And no worries!

          I reckon I can sleep better, there’s no way such an ending exists at the end of such a game. Yet.

          • lol! Well, I suppose I don’t understand what hipster is anyway ^^; And here’s where I admit I thought you said “This is Ursula” and … this is why I didn’t know you were the speaker. XD I listened again and heard “Sirselah.” Yes, powers of listening!

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