I have a great Mac n’ Cheese recipe!

Hello everyone. A warm greetings on this fine holiday week.

As the title to this post suggests I have a Macaroni and Cheese recipe that will keep you warm. I’ve held onto this for years but I’m in a festive mood and feel like sharing so here it is. But first a little background:

The year was 200 B.C. back when life in (future) Canada was pretty E.Z.

I was living in my collection of huts in the woods, I had one for each of my moods.

Enough with the rhymes though, it’s time to get serious.

So one night I’m napping. Yes napping, I’m really bad at getting a full night’s sleep. So anyway I’m having a little snooze and was woken up by some hooves. Shocked awake I went outside and in the earth I saw some grooves (Dammit, sorry.).

I had barely comprehended what I had just seen when I heard the herd coming up behind me. Quickly turning around, the last thing I saw was a large number of celestial horses charging right at me. Beaten down by the stampede I quickly blacked out.

I wake up in a grassy field. And only the panda suit remains . . . 


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