Warm monkey.

So it could be because I was walking home really tired today but you know what’s fun to say?

Warm monkeys.

Just imagine a nice, warm monkey will ya? Like a really friendly monkey where you hug the warm monkey and then you like entertain it with a magic trick and you become fast friends?

It’s a warm thought to have with a warm friend.

Enjoy the warm monke.

So many bees!

Hi everyone! I have 4 bees for y’all!

First one from last week, a sleepy bee for Trey!

Now three from last night! First a spooky one for Ninja of Kaos:

Then for Yazof a FF4 Kain bee!

And to finish the list a lovely bee for LyfeLyne!

As always you can find me at twitch.tv/poorlydrawnbees and maybe you’ll get your own bee! 🙂