I got a ticket!

I had opened my mailbox to find an envelope labelled “Here’s your ticket.”. Holy shit! This is exciting! I wonder what it could be for?

Maybe it’s a ticket to a grand adventure! Perhaps I’ll finally be able to experience the high mountains of Louisiana or the lakes and rivers of The Mojave. I could see the large cities of Wyoming or the tiny, sparsely populated India.

Or it could be a ticket to a show! Maybe this ticket will allow me to see the band that I never knew existed but have always desired to see! I can feel the new love growing within me now as the sweet sound of that guitar washes me inside and out.

I ran to my living room and held my breath as I opened the envelope . . .

Oh, it’s an advertisement for a travel agency. I guess I’ll just go sit down and stare at the wall or something then.


Another one from Danny, this time we have Bumblebee! Thanks man!

I should start a band.

Actually, I tried to start a two-man act with a friend of mine (Let’s call him DJ Sven again because he still be spinning like mad yo.) a couple of years ago. It was going to be called Anger Cake and our band logo would have a cake being smashed with a hammer. It was pretty friggin’ awesome. The only thing that got in our way and the very thing that destroyed our endeavor was the fact that we had absolutely no ideas about anything whatsoever beyond those two things.

I need to start over beginning with a new name. Using Anger Cake wouldn’t be cool since that was something I was supposed to start with somebody else. I’m thinking something along the lines of Birthday Box for now, but I’ll dwell on that for a bit.

Now I need to pick a genre of music. I don’t really have any talents with an instrument, but I hear that ‘spoken word’ is a genre? Basically someone loudly tells a story while someone else plays music. Not really singing per say, but I feel it’s something I could do with some practice.  As for the background music I’ll need something that will stand out. Nobody’s really made it big with an accordion player in their band recently have they?

As for subject manner I need to pick something agreeable that hasn’t already been covered a million times already. Social/political commentary is overdone, hot-button issues will drive people away and I have to avoid being too preachy. So I guess I’ll have to use my spoken word music to raise awareness of the dangers of carnivorous jellybeans and the like.

Anybody wanna sign up to be my accordion player? I can’t promise that I’ll be able to pay you anything but we’ll have a hell of a journey at least.