So the most popular search result for this site aside from ‘poorly drawn bees’ . . .

 . . . Is drawn erotica! I’m excited. At this rate the term ‘drawn erotica’ will overtake ‘poorly drawn bees’ as the most popular search term for finding my site within a month or two.

Normal(ish) site update coming later this week. ❤

Search engine optimization, yo!

Search engine optimization is a great way to increase traffic to your site. Instead of trying to make myself more visible by writing out a bunch of words all over the site that are irrelevant to anything that I do, I’m going to inflate search terms that people are already using to find my site. Here are three of the more popular searches:

“things that feel good”

Things that feel good. I should draw more bees doing things that feel good. I should do things that feel good once in awhile. Mmmmmmmmmm . . .

“drawn erotica”

Drawn Erotica. But seriously, if you were actually looking for drawn erotica I'm sorry.

“have you ever skipped school because you were tired”

Have you ever skipped school because you were tired?