This is me.

🎺- This is me as I toot my own horn. It’s a great day to be me!

🏃- This is me going for a run down the street. Still tooting my own horn!

👪- This is me visiting the fam. Not my fam but a fam all the same.

🎶- This is me playing my song on the horn. Toot toot!

😨- This is them as they apparently don’t like my song I guess?

😖- This is the child as their ribcage exits their body in despair. My melody is powerful!

🚕- This is me hailing a cab cause I’m too cheap for 911.

🚃- This is me as I pay for transit instead cause I’m too cheap for the cab.

😤- This is the parents for some reason I paid for the transit what’s their problem?

👫- This is them nowadays. Why isn’t the child there?


I didn’t have a title, but the permalink suggested ‘1166’, so this post shall now be referred to as such.

So I have an idea for a new family activity. Sometime get together with everyone and make a list of everything liquid in your house sorted by ones you can gargle, and ones that you cannot. If you’re not sure about a particular substance, do try it out and make a record for future reference.

Apparently my sister is starting a webcomic about a cat in a human body. I guess there’s something that could be said that no matter how ‘out there’ you are, one can always find normality within one’s own family?

I don’t think we’ve ever gargled household liquids together though.