At some point I will finance an action film on the condition that it contains all of the following one-liners.

The entire film will be nothing but shoot-outs and epic fights, each ending with a line from the following.

“Ever play the game of Life? Turns out you can lose after¬†all.”

“Welcome to the gun show. No, really. This isn’t about me flexing. This is about me shooting you. With my guns.”

“You’re about to get fingered buddy. Right in the brain.”

“Have you ever wanted to be see-through? Now’s your chance!”

“Are you curious about what’s at the bottom of that canyon? Lemme send you down to have a nice, permanent peek at it.”

“What did the five fingers say to the face? Actually, forget that stale line. My fists would like to ¬†have a deep conversation with your entire body. The conversation will be of such depth you should to refer to them as Socrates and Plato.”

“I’d beat you senseless, but what’s the joy in taking away your ability to feel the fury of my attack?”

“Look over there, it’s a bear! Ha ha, just kidding. A bear ain’t got shit on me.”

“Consider this next attack to be a formal invite to your funeral.”

“Have you ever pondered the meaning of life? You better figure it out quick, yours only has about another fifteen seconds left.”