One should always question their own wisdom.

I for one question my own wisdom frequently. I ask questions like “Why do I have so much wisdom?” and “How do I know so much about everything ever?”. But I already know the answers to these questions. It’s because I’m so wise you see.

One time I was depressed because I was home alone on a Friday night. I started to cook a steak for dinner. Then I realized that people often cook a steak to celebrate anything. Not actually having anything to celebrate I instead decided to celebrate the fact that I was doing something that could be construed as celebratory.

So I started a close to two-week vacation today with minimal plans. Day one and I’m remember that having infinite possibilities paralyze me. And apparently it causes me to write like shit as well ha ha.


The following was drawn by a friend when Marsha insisted on having her use a drawing tablet for the first time. Marsha seems to be forcing a lot of people to draw her bees these days. I mean, whoo less work for me and stuff but I’m starting to become concerned.