My secret life as a fashion designer.‏

So last Wednesday night I was bored so to pass the time I tried something new. I became a world-renowned fashion designer for about twenty-seven minutes.

Excited by my new profession I went on down to the fabric story and bought fifteen metres/yards (Yes, the exact amount depends entirely on your country’s perspective.) of golden yellow fabric. With all the tools I needed in hand I quickly ran out of the store and found my tall, lanky model waiting for the bus.

With more speed than I thought I had I ran around the model while wrapping him from the neck down with my grand creation. He was screaming the whole time. Such enthusiasm! I was inspired by his energy and vigour. After I was finished I took a step back to examine my work. He was extremely beautiful. And still letting out the hype! He looked at me confused. Clearly he needed to know about the new dress he was modelling for me.


Pleased with my work I let my creation be exposed to the world. These kind guys in a blue and white car just happened to drive by and they even pulled over to ask me some questions about my art! However I was tired of this career and decided that being the world’s best fashion designer just wasn’t for me anymore. So I ran back home. But boy did they ever follow me for quite a distance! They must’ve been really curious.