I got a ticket!

I had opened my mailbox to find an envelope labelled “Here’s your ticket.”. Holy shit! This is exciting! I wonder what it could be for?

Maybe it’s a ticket to a grand adventure! Perhaps I’ll finally be able to experience the high mountains of Louisiana or the lakes and rivers of The Mojave. I could see the large cities of Wyoming or the tiny, sparsely populated India.

Or it could be a ticket to a show! Maybe this ticket will allow me to see the band that I never knew existed but have always desired to see! I can feel the new love growing within me now as the sweet sound of that guitar washes me inside and out.

I ran to my living room and held my breath as I opened the envelope . . .

Oh, it’s an advertisement for a travel agency. I guess I’ll just go sit down and stare at the wall or something then.


Another one from Danny, this time we have Bumblebee! Thanks man!