Here’s a quick post that doesn’t start with the word ‘okay’.

I’m thinking of taking up speedrunning so here’s a rough draft of what my videos will be like. I’m thinking of starting off with a small game before deciding on something more substantial. Any advice is appreciated (I already know I talk too fast ha ha.).

So I decided to try writing about the daily post today.

On there’s a daily topic to write about. So here’s today’s: “A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?”

I know it can be hard to come up with something unique to write about every day, but jeez.

Assuming I was given a limited number of wishes why would I waste one on a space for reading and writing? Even if I wanted something like that I could wish for a more general, quiet place with a section for reading and writing like a grand garden in the sky or whatever. But even then I’m sure there are a list of things I’d wish for before that. Like some sort of superpower or infinite cash (Then I could just buy the perfect space!), etc.

Then there’s the value of a perfect space for reading and writing. I won’t question that for a small percentage of the population micromanaging one’s space for such activities helps to absorb information and encourages creativity, but for most people wouldn’t something as simple as a spare room do the trick just fine? Hell, I do most of my favourite writing on post-it notes before typing it up. Not that I have any place to tell people anything about writing.

I dunno, I just feel that with all that goes on in the world one would be able to craft good questions that are more universally relatable.

So it appears the poetry battle is over.

I don’t think it was ever so much a poetry battle as it was me pretending that I had a fun rival without his consent to be honest. But all of the poems are still in the apartment lobby! That’s gotta be worth something.

So a friend of mine found this recently. I need to get on this flash animation stuff.

Oi, so I’m in between work assignments right now and somehow not working is actually making it harder for me to write/get anything done? I guess having too many options really does paralyze me intellectually.

Maybe I should start looking at the daily topic or something ha ha.

And then I will meet you in the field of battle.

I will have to apologize. This could get messy.

I don’t understand however why you felt the need to challenge me like this? I just wanted to get to know you a little better and you stated that for the first date we have to fight to the death?

I’m bored with this story already. Let’s look up things on Google Images.

A horse kicking/stomping a cake . . .

Nope, but I did find the creature that will haunt my daydreams for minutes to come.

Let’s try ‘assaulted by jellybeans’ next.

Oh hey, a search term in which I come up first in both standard and image search. I am the Search Engine Optimization King!

So I was rooting through the YouTube account of my favourite singer one day and came across this. This totally has nothing to do with anything else she’s ever done and I love it:

While we’re on the perils of bees:

So right now I have this temporary assignment in a windowless office in the bottom of a business mall. For the most part it doesn’t bother me, but I do miss the entertainment of motor vehicle accidents right outside my office.

When some people write whatever is on their mind without any flow or editing it’s called a stream of consciousness style of writing. But when I do it people call it word vomit, and this just makes me sick.

With that said I gotta make like a tree and stand perfectly still for like a hundred years. Until next time! ❤

Hollow victories.

Ever since I had seen that tall tree standing along in a clearing that I found in the middle of the forest as a child I knew I wanted to reach the top of it someday. After weeks of unsuccessfully trying to climb it I brought a chainsaw one day. Having cut down the tree I simply walked over to the top of it and I had finally achieved my goal. The view from there wasn’t really as good as I was hoping though.

I am the master of the 2 meter sprint. I think.

I’ve always wanted to ride a horse but I was too poor to afford proper riding lessions. So one day I worked up the nerve and rode the merry-go-round with all of my savings. Wheeee . . . ?

The pride that comes with a hard day of work done at the office.

Purchasing and eating an entire cake or tub of ice cream. An empty victory with plenty of empty calories on the side!

Winning arguments with Santabot on a regular basis. I’ve also sat through 6 1/2 hours of Leekspin. Online arguments are generally hollow victories as well. Maybe victories on the internet in general are ultimately pointless for the most part.


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