It rained today.

I had been up since 5:30, awoken by the sound of the rain. The sounds of the water falling against my window served as a reminder of many details of my past.

Memories included the time that my classmates were chosen by two team captains to play some kickball, but since there were an odd number of students I was the odd one out and as such I was the one who had to run out into traffic to get the ball, and sometimes to do so when there was no ball.

Or the time I drank some odd looking apple juice out of a clear container in my dad’s fridge when I was eleven. It was actually beer, and I became a raging alcoholic until I sobered up thanks to AA at the age of fourteen. Twelve years sober and counting!

A few years ago I had some issues and went to what I thought was a registered psychologist. Turns out she was actually a reverse psychologist. I told her about how stressed out I was, she agreed with me and I immediately got better.

It had reminded me of the time that, with the aid of a panda, I had massaged the soil of a potted plant until the plant shrunk and I grew a copy of myself large enough to consume the entire planet. 

Lastly I thought about the time I had watched in despair, soaking wet, as a cat ran over my bike. Well, okay. The cat was technically a lion and I guess I should be thankful I escaped with my life but that bike was of a perfect color and I didn’t know where to buy the paint to repaint it!

In short, it reminded me of simpler times . . .

If the US government can't be bothered to keep operating, then I can't be bothered to color this all the way in.

If the US government can’t be bothered to keep operating, then I can’t be bothered to color this all the way in.

The power of a shower.

I’ve always been somewhat amused that one of the things people generally do after being drenched during a downpour from a mixture of water from the rain and moisture from sweat is to go home and take a shower in more water. I mean, I understand why that’s necessary and all. I’m just amused.

Whelp, that’s all I had to say on that. I went to and found this gem for today:

Daily Prompt: Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?”

Is . . . I don’t even understand if that’s a question? Although if I was to spend an extensive amount of time traveling in any of those environments I guess I would need a shower afterwards.

You know what? I’m not done talking about showers yet.

I know I’ve touched on the misfortune of having frightening thoughts about spiders and stuff while you’re washing your face and you can’t open your eyes because you’ll get soap/shampoo in them so you’re just stuck with those thoughts for several seconds but . . . There are good thoughts that happen in the shower as well. The shower is the one place in the world that’s still internet/smartphone free, so it’s the one place in the world that everyone can just take a few minutes and have a thought. Or two on a good day. So until I get a waterproof cover for my phone I guess that’ll always be the best place for ideas.

Maybe I should’ve tried to write something after a shower because I clearly don’t have any clue on what I should be writing about right now.

My good friend Real drew this for me! Thanks man!

My good friend Real drew this for me! Thanks man!

Loosely based on Waterworld. Except not at all.‏

Now what if the water was the land and the land was the water? Play with me here for a minute.

So we have a world. Everything above ground is water. For the sake of imagination let’s pretend we can only breath in water but not without it, the reverse of what we do now. The water fills up all the way to our ozone layer so that our planet covered in seemingly endless water instead of air. But under the ground level there is no water. The oceans are vast spaces of emptiness, lakes are ruts of dry dirt with water hovering above the ground level, etc.

We could swim anywhere above ground level. With enough physical strength one could swim up into the sky. I’m not sure how oxygen levels would work but this could almost be like being able to fly in a sense. Exploration for the normal person would nearly be limitless.

The ocean would be more dangerous than one made of water though. Falling into shallow emptiness wouldn’t be so bad if you could still reach the water and propel yourself back up. But any further and you would surely die. Would climbing lessons replace swimming lessons? Even if one could climb not being near a rock wall would spell certain doom for you seeing as how you wouldn’t be able to swim back up since all the water is up there.

You know that sensation you get when you stop being dry and become wet? What would it feel like if you were wet all the time and then became dry? And if your lungs are accustomed to being filled with fluids what would it feel like when you are suddenly deprived of them? Would it still be like drowning? What would the proper term be?

I imagine landscapes would lose much of their appeal. Something like the Grand Canyon would be much less impressive if you could just freely swim up and down it at will. What new extreme sports would be invented to replace mountain climbing and diving off large cliffs? Would we harness ourselves to the surface and bungee jump into the water-less crevasse below?

This one’s probably going to keep me awake for awhile.