Hey baby, is that a mirror in your pants? That’s kind of narcissistic isn’t it?‏

Have you ever done that thing where you go to pull a door handle but you miss with your hand and wind up stumbling backwards instead? It’s fun having to explain to other people in the bathroom that I’m not drunk.

I want to create an animal with the heart of a lion, the spirit of a lion, and the body of a lion . . . Come to think of it, I kind of want a pet lion I guess.

Beatnik is a word that I haven’t seen/heard in a long time. Maybe it’s due for a comeback?

So what are you all up to this weekend?

Around the clock.

I just noticed that it’s one and my work is almost done.

I stuck around until two and then from the office I flew.

At quarter to three I was still running with glee.

When the clock hit four I ran into my front door.

Relaxed until five and I started getting ready to jive.

Just before I left at six I got my Counter-Strike fix.

I left my place at seven feeling like I’m in heaven.

Got there just before eight, but then I had to wait.

She showed up at nine, and she was lookin’ fine!

We hit the floor at ten, I saw the jealously in all the other men.

Well past eleven and I still felt like I did at seven.

Once the time was twelve . . . I realized that delve and shelve wouldn’t work and I can’t think of anything that would fit so that would mean that this post is stupid and whatever.

What are you all up to this weekend?

What are you up to this weekend?‏

I’m just going to watch Time fly by. Not in the traditional sense though. Time for me looks more like a sasquatch in flight whilst riding on the back of itself. Time is a peculiar creature. I have conversed with Time on multiple occasions. Only once have I asked it what is in store for the future. The reply was that the future is just something that Time makes up as it goes along. Boy do I ever know that feeling. Then I once asked about the past, and Time took me to “Just fucking Google it.”.

Once I tire of that I may be helping a friend’s girlfriend move into his place. Not by physically moving her limbs to make her move ala ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ mind you, but in the more mundane, traditional sense. After that I’m going to walk home while petting every furry thing I see that’s under the shadow of a tree and make an alphabetical catalogue of what I touched on the back of my hand.

After I get home I’m going to relax with my favourite video game. Taping dvds to trees and throwing VHS tapes at them. That about sums it up for me. What are you doing fun and exciting?